To begin, select a system of taxation. It may be UTII (single tax on imputed income) or the simplified tax system (STS). They allow you to hire additional accountant and pay quarterly a fixed percentage of tax on earned income alone. But you have the right to employ others on contract basis. The work of the individual entrepreneur counts in the General seniority, and payments to the pension Fund are eligible for retirement.
Find out in tax inspection a full list of necessary documents and the procedure of their registration.
Pay in a savings Bank the state fee.
Make a copy of your passport (all completed pages) and reassure her by a notary.
Write an application for the registration of the individual businessmanand statement on the application of the chosen system of taxation.
After collecting all the necessary documents, submit them to the tax office at the place of residence.
After submission don't forget to take the tax inspector a receipt that will be required to receive all certificates. At the expiration of the fixed term (five to seven working days) you can have the certificate on the state registration of the physical person as the individual businessman, and also on making record in unified state register of individual entrepreneurs and about INN assignment. Please note: you need to give three certificates.
If you do not go over documents in person at the allotted time, they are obliged to send mail to the registration address.