You will need
  • yarn and knitting needles
To communicate comfortable jumpsuit for your child, dial on the spokes 42 of the loop and provarite about six cm band. Then knit the basic pattern, for example, simple but very nice shawl or pearl binding. Add for loop bevels in every 6 row (seven times). 25 cm, details will aside and knit a second leg similarly. Then continue knitting jumpsuitas follows: with right-hand and left-hand sides in the middle of the front, close to ten loops (at this point is a strap Romper. From the back knit the whole cloth. Provarite the web length 46 cm
Go to vyvazhivanii armholes for the sleeves. For this purpose it is necessary again to divide the work into two parts and knit separately. For the right side of the front move to the other needle sixteen loops. Then close six loops. Rear – 48 loops. On this side the same way, close to six loops. And finally, the left part of the front will be 16 loops. Through 57 cm from the gum close all the loops. Tie the sleeves, first dial 34 loops and provarite 6 cm elastic band. Sleeve length is 22 inches. Knitting rompersand sleeveless is finished, you can start knitting the hood.
To associate the hood, dial 80 loops and knit elastic band 1*1. Then ten centimeters from the stacked region, and add more on both sides of 45 the loops and tie the cloth with a length of 10 centimeters. Hinges close. Seven centimeters on the right strap make the three holes for the loops for the buttons. Sew the hood to the neck of the jumpsuit.
On the details front and back stitch the shoulder seams. Also sew pairs of pants. The sleeves and sew in armhole vacate. Sew the strap to the left three large, beautiful buttons. Separately, you can bind the pocket and sew down the middle of the product. In this pocket you can put many useful things for the baby. And when you dress your little one in warm and lovely jumpsuit, you'll know what to knit for kids - activity from which you receive incredible pleasure.