Go to the following website: Try out SIS or SISX file version X-Plore, suitable to mobile phone your existing model.
Read the terms and conditions of use of the program. From their point of view, it is in the middle between freeware and shareware. It can, if desired, for a fee to register, however, this procedure is not mandatory. Without registration the program is allowed to use for an unlimited period of time.
Copy the file to memory card in a folder called Others in any way you can (infrared, Bluetooth, cable, card reader). If you are using a card reader, don't forget to use the menu function called "Remove card". The corresponding item is in the short menu that appears when you short press the power key of the device. Note that the old Symbian phones hot remove a memory card may not be provided at all. Then before removing the card, the machine will have to shut down.
Run the built-in file Manager of the device. The corresponding submenu is located in the folder of the main phone menu called "Tools".
Displays the contents of the internal memory of the phone. Press the right joystick button, and instead will display the contents of the memory card. Log in to the Miscellaneous folder (so built-in file Manager automatically renames the folder to Others when it is displayed).
Find the SIS or SISX file software X-Plore. Install it by browsing to the installation location the SD card.
Go to menu "My apps", then find the program X-Plore and run it.
Locate the memory card (drive E:) archive, log into it, then open directly or extract to any desired folder required files. Remember that thus it is possible to process the archives of two formats: ZIP and RAR. The archive of type JAR are technically completely similar to ZIP archives and therefore can also be opened. Formats files TAR.GZ, TGZ and the same program X-Plore are not supported.