You will need
  • - professional video camera;
  • - microphone with a long cord to connect to the video camera.
  • - mounting hardware;
  • computer;
  • - licensed software for editing video and audio files.
Find more information about the event which you have been assigned to cover. Don't come to the shoot totally unprepared. In the limited time you may misunderstand the situation. Therefore, the story will turn out biased. For example, information occasion for the story is the rally. Before leaving for the venue find out for what and against whom are the participants. Write down the contact of leaders, the exact place and time of action.
Come to the event in advance, for 15-20 minutes before it starts. Spend this time with benefits and talk with the organizers, take additional printed materials (press release, list and copies of presentations, etc.). Write 2-3 review of the present specialists. Often officials are more willing to agree to a preliminary interview. Ask the operator to make a few General plans, which will clearly shows the location of the event.
For extra shooting your main task – collecting various reports. The reliability of the story will add the appearance of the journalist in the frame on the background of the event. Comments of the experts you will be able to later. The official point of view, include in report experience.
After returning with the footage to the editor, make a brief outline of the plot. A classic version of a news report is constructed as follows:1. The story of the journalist from the event (stand-up);2. Narration, continuing the theme, the visuals that illustrate the words of the journalist;3. Short comments (synchronous) member (expert), recorded on the spot or in a formal setting, but not in the Studio. In the story, you can use 2-3 of synchrony if they do not follow directly after each other;4. Narration, ends with the presentation of basic information and visuals that are logically complementary;5. Stand-up, in which the journalist summarizes the results, draws conclusions and gives predictions.Of course, this structure of the plot is not unique. It is necessary to adjust depending on the significance of the event, the objectives of the report and content of the visual material.
Write the correspondent text. It needs to be clear and concise. Tell about events in chronological order. Follow the correct instructions, geographic areas, names of organizations and institutions, names and people's names. Divide the text into parts that you say in the frame and behind the scenes. Specify the liner, i.e. 3-4 sentences that will announce the release news in the transition to your story.
Together with the operator mount the plot, record your narration. Review the report to ensure its quality. The finished material pass the editor.