The pharmacy sold a variety of drugs that help to cope with this problem. Buy your boyfriend pills Smoking and force him to eat them one at a time once again to smoke.
If drugs do not help, start to act differently, for example, invite him to a restaurant that does not smoke, but he doesn't say, put it before the fact. Maybe he will start to get nervous, but don't start to get nervous with him, continue your conversation.
Go with him to the theater, cinema. There he will also be restricted in Smoking. It is unlikely that he will run to smoke during the session.
Try to praise him, if he didn't smoke the whole three hours. Tell him that he would be able to cope with this problem.
If you two waited a long time for the child, and finally it happened, ask your man not to smoke, he may have to appear a sense of responsibility, joy and even desires.
If a young man can't quit Smoking, ask him to not smoke even at home and especially in your presence.
If you do smoke, try to quit together. Probably both will have an incentive to quit Smoking. Try to throw technique to the dispute, who no longer smokes, he will win. This way, you two will not depend on nicotine and number of cigarettes smoked will decrease, and in the future will come to naught.