You will need
  • - plaster;
  • - brush;
  • - artists ' acrylic paints;
  • Polish or wax.
Styles of painting very much, don't have to be Michelangelo to draw a still life on the kitchen wall. Practice to portray the individual items and combine them into compositions on the wall to repair. Select the picture you want to see in the interior of the room. It is not necessary to perform the ornament in accuracy, then you will get exclusive mural.
The classic method of painting on wet plaster is very complex, then it is impossible to prevent errors and fixes. The pattern should be applied fairly quickly, within six to nine hours until the plaster dries. If the coverage area is quite large, and will have to apply the material and mural parts.
Before purchasing plaster and paint, consult with the sellers store, explain for what purpose you need the materials. You will be advised to the tools that will facilitate the work.
The wall on which you intend to practice in the painting of frescoes, remove all old materials to the ground. Level the surface of any plaster based on cement and sand with the addition of binding components (they will help avoid cracking).
Apply a quality primer to ensure good adhesion of the layers. Before further work, think about the hue of the background. You can make it colored by adding color to the mix. After the primer dries, put plaster that you were advised to buy (you can use Ceresit CT 35). Carefully align the surface.
When your cover has dried, a simple pencil sketch on the wall of the selected picture. Don't be afraid to create and experiment with shapes and colors, it is possible that your artwork (rough and primitive in your opinion) will cause sincere admiration of others. Try to use the technique of graffiti.
Paint use artistic acrylic water-based. Protect your drawing with lacquer or wax.