Analyze the role of the studied object. To determine the degree of relevance, imagine a modern or future world without the studied object, or Vice versa ,that could change with successful development of this industry.
For example, if your topic is devoted to the study of one of the business schools tell us about the main contributions of its ideologues, which they did for the development of this school, and how it affects the modern economy.
Install connection between the studied object and related sectors. Determine what else is influenced by discoveries, scientific development in this field, and specify them.
For example, if you are learning a new drilling technology, think of the possibilities of introducing the technology in the oil business. How much will accelerate process of oil production, and how much it will affect the entire economy as a whole. You certainly do not need to produce complex charts, huge tables, but a rational personal reasons and be sure to specify.
Try to specify what your topic is still relevant and therefore that it does not "substitutes". You have to reflect the fact that science is in any case will be to study the questions you raised, as it is inevitable.
For example, that in the future, man will the era of nanotechnology and robots, is not surprising. Is your theme development in the field of robotics, we can safely say that proved she doesn't need.
Don't paint the background too much. And the point about the relevance of topics including. Try to describe all arguments of the relevance of your question in 3-4 sentences. The brevity and clarity of the statements shows that the man knows what he's talking about and is confident in his words. Too stretched can cause dissatisfaction on the part of the head, and as a result you will have to rewrite this passage.