Relevance - the importance, relevance, and topicality to the present time. The word itself comes from the Latin actualis - valid, real. As synonyms of relevance to quote the words of the vitality, the urgency, the importance, timeliness and modernity. There are such idioms as "hot topic", "current question", "urgent task", etc. the Actual topic is always interesting, in demand, affects thoughts and feelings. An urgent task is one that needs to be solved first.
If the maximum just try to explain the essence of the word, we can say that for someone who wants to eat actual food, and for those who are going to work - the availability of transport. The concept of relevance is important in the sphere of economy and production. So, actual is a popular brand, i.e. corresponding to the key motivations and needs of the target audience. A brand in demand. In philosophy , the relevance associated with the concept of constant motion and eternal variation of existence. While relevance reflects the current reality and captures her before this reality will change again.
The word "relevance" is often used in relation to art, any work - paintings, books, film. If the work is important, this means that it responds to current issues and needs of the society. It often becomes a symbol of his era and part of the story. This difference of relevance from fashion: fashion is a whim of society, it also goes unnoticed as it comes. Urgent issues are those that concern people at the moment on a conscious and subconscious level. On the one hand, the relevance - the concept is obviously temporary. But some works remain relevant for centuries due to the fact that they raised the topic equally important for people of any age. In such cases we say about art, "last check time".