Making such a sea water process, although not labor intensive, but long. The water was completely finished, will take about three days. There are different options for cooking sea water. Those who decided to seriously engage in its manufacture, it is worth remembering that in any such artificial composition should present a number of salts. Namely: sodium chloride (NaCI) - weight content of this element in grams per kilogram is not more than 26,6 (this element by its specific weight is fundamental in the composition of the artificial sea water); magnesium sulfate (MgS04) and 3.3 g/kg; magnesium chloride (MgClj) and 2.3 g/kg; and calcium chloride (СаС12) - 1.2 g/kg In the finished solution, you can add more salt, mostly sodium bicarbonate (NaHC03) and sodium bromide (NaBr).
So, take a glass container, it alternately add all the above mentioned salts, except calcium chloride. It does not begin to add the next salt until the absolute dissolution of the previous one. Boric acid dissolves in a separate bowl, and then enter into solution.
Allow solution to stand for a day. The next day, adding calcium chloride. The weight of the resulting solution should be about 35 grams. After preparing the salt solution, add enough fresh water to make the liquid volume increased to liters.
Before adding fresh watershould be pre-cleaned using a distiller or a regular activated carbon. After two or three days of artificial sea water prepared.
The thus obtained artificial sea water, of course, inferior to its natural properties. Indeed, its composition remains unchanged as it is not affected by the living organisms that inhabit marine water. But in the absence of "live" sea water, this water is a great alternative.