Fear is a protective function of consciousness. Fear arises from the sense of self, when a person is physically or psychologically in danger. But when this fear goes beyond all reasonable limits, he turns into a phobia, which is very difficult to overcome on their own. But if fear of spiders is not difficult life, fear of communication interferes with a person implement one of its core functions – social.
Causes of fear of people isOne of the main reasons is lack of self-esteem. Every time a person is faced with criticism (often unfounded) and the lack of understanding, he loses confidence in himself and his own abilities. If you do not work with this problem at this stage, the person begins to close from the rest of the people, he has a strong feeling that he is not like others, that it is needless.Very often the reason is fear of communicating lies in childhood. If a child the person has experienced a bad situation when his offended peers, cast out of their society, laughed at him, he quite naturally could be a defensive reaction – he became afraid of people. Much less fear of interaction due to the lack of experience of interaction with society. This is possible if from birth a person is forced to, and at an older age and is deliberately isolated from society. Without a practice of communication, it is natural to feel the fear of the unknown.
Ways to overcome fear of peoplethe Only way to overcome fear is to do what you are most afraid of. You will need to take your life in hand and begin the expansion of the external and internal boundaries.Magazineby this exercise, you need to go to an appliance store, contact your representative and ask them to tell you in detail about a particular product. The main thing is not to buy anything. This exercise will not only help to learn to communicate with unfamiliar people, but to say "no" without subsequent remorse.Prohozhie, passers-by will need to ask for directions. Go, ask them to specify in detail how to get to a specific object. After each conversation, be sure to Pat yourself on the back for victory over fear.Telefonum will need the business directory and the phone itself. Give this exercise time. Call in firms of different profile, check their time, the range of goods and services, ask them to describe something in more detail. As an option – calls to employers. So you can solve two problems at once – to overcome the fear of communication and to find a suitable job.
If you do exercises regularly, very soon you will be surprised how relaxed you have to communicate with people.