State the purpose for which you need to do the monitoring. For example, you are interested in the investment attractiveness of the territory. So you must also know the dynamics by volume of attracted investments for a certain period of time. Or do you monitor the implementation of sales plan. In this case, you need to obtain information on the implemented goods with a specific frequency. Evidence of such monitoring allows to timely identify problems and make management decisions if necessary.
Define the list required for monitoring parameters that will allow you to make a comparative analysis for different time periods. Note that the sources of your information must be correct, employees that provide it, must be motivated to receive an objective evaluation. Monitoring should give you food for thought and figures for statistical analysis activities of the enterprise.
The results of the monitoring do the analysis using methods of mathematical statistics and mathematical. The results of the analysis make adjustments to the goals and objectives. It is possible that the result of this analysis, you can get irrefutable evidence of the impossibility of achieving these goals. You will be able quickly to detect new factors that appear in the course of long-term projects and consider the obstacles to achieving these goals.
Use visualization techniques of monitoring results. This will allow to visualize the dynamics of change of parameters in time. To improve the reliability and representativeness of statistical samples use the data for a sufficiently large time intervals to exclude the random factor.
The results of the analysis make clear conclusions and begin the process of preparation of management decisions and proposals on elimination of the reasons hindering the achievement of the goals. Make your plans and projections for the expected performance.