First, decide on the time of origin of the wine stains. If the trace of the wine is quite fresh, then immediately sprinkle a layer of salt, which will quickly absorb liquid. After some time, the dirty layer of salt and replace with fresh.
Prepare a solution of two tablespoons ammonia mixed with a liter of water. And as soon as the stain has sufficiently discolored, wash it with this solution. After that, DAB the remains of the mixture on the stain with a damp, clean cloth. This method helps to get the stain out even with the white stuff.
Nezastroennoe spot can try to flush the hot milk, after which the fabric is thoroughly rinse and wash. If the stain for several hours is on the light satin or silk fabric, you can try to remove it with a weak solution of acetic acid.
Many women for removing wine stains apply stain remover. This tool is bred in a small part of the liquid in the resulting solution is soaking the soiled fabric. If the stain is old, then it is better to pour the stain remover directly on the stain, soak 15-20 minutes and then soak a cloth in warm water. Then wash the thing.
If the stain is from white wine, to remove it, simply pour the fabric is sparkling mineral water. If the stain is already dry, it can be deduced by rinsing with a solution of glycerin, and then to wash the thing.
If the wine stain you must remove from wool and silk fabrics, it is best to apply a mixture of glycerin, vodka and ammonia, taking three parts vodka and one part the other components. If you want to revive the silk or cotton stuff, it is enough to wash the cloth in a solution of soda, vodka and soap.
If you messed up the wine a bright colored thing to clean is better to use a mixture of raw egg white and glycerin in equal shares. After the use of the thing must immediately thoroughly rinse first in warm and then in cold water.