It is easiest to wash a fresh stain. If during the feast on the clothes or the tablecloth was accidentally tipped a glass of wine, then sprinkle encountered the puddle of salt. As soon as salt gets wet, shake it and pour a new batch of salt, until all the wine is not imbibed by it.
Meanwhile, prepare the soap solution and add to it a little ammonia, about 1 tablespoon per liter of water. Treat the stain with the solution and blot it with a soft cloth. Then wash the thing fully. Thus, the wine stains are removed completely without trace even with the white tablecloths, not to mention the other tissues.
If ammonia in the house, you can pour a fresh stain of hot milk, 10% acetic acid solution or stain remover company Vanish. They all do a good job with wine stains, and the Spaniards and do not pour the stain from red wine , white wine, arguing that white wine clothing to be removed much easier than red.
Much more serious the situation becomes, if the stain has had time to zastarel and thoroughly ingrained in the fabric. To remove it you will have to make a special petrol soap. Take 180 ml of pure gasoline, 4 ml alcohol, 6 ml of an aqueous solution of ammonia and 12 ml of oleic acid. All these ingredients you can easily acquire in a pharmacy or hardware store. Dissolve in gasoline, acid and alcohol, and then add to the mix the ammonia with continuous stirring. Apply soap on the stain, give it time to impact and wash the thing in an ordinary soap solution. If the tissue remains purple or blue stains, treat them with hydrogen peroxide or plain White. Remember to use White only on the white natural fabrics.
On the colored fabric is better to use a mixture of glycerin and egg yolk in the ratio of one to one. To wash things after treatment with egg yolk only in cool water, otherwise the egg will curdle and flush them out of fabric will be very difficult.