Its essence lies in the fact that the first special hydraulic equipment to raise the building to a certain height from the ground. Further, under building enclose special rollers, which would carry it to a desired location. Upon reaching the desired location the house again raise in the housethe crats and pull the rollers, then lowered.
Using this method of travel also is possible to use rail, which will move the rollers. Using rail is more likely to avoid possible deformations, resulting from the movement of such bulky objects as a house.
There is another way of moving houseand new place. This method is more reliable. It will require the construction crane and the truck with a wide platform on which without problems it would be possible to place floating home. This method of travel is appropriate if you wish to move house at short distance and in conditions where the building equipment (as it is quite large) can easily get close to the house. When moving housebut it is necessary to consider its features. Without a strong framework it will be impossible to move with a crane.
Just before moving houseand it is best to take care of its strengthening, in order to further protect it when you move one of the ways mentioned above. Hold moving houseand best of all in such weather conditions, when the soil is most dense. This will provide a better focus for the technique used. For example, in winter the houseand to transport easier and simpler due to the freezing of the earth and therefore, its seal.