Device of vacuum cleaner

Unlike vacuum cleaners for dry cleaning, cleaning types there is a water tank, which is associated with all system devices and it is fed liquid. In addition, vacuum cleaners are not only able to supply water for cleaning, and to collect the dirty liquid that has a separate container.

Some companies manufacturer of vacuum cleaners began to increase tanks for the contaminated liquids and reduce to pure water. This is because during the cleaning container with clean water will be filled repeatedly. Size vacuum cleaner is much more than ordinary dry cleaning. Therefore it needs more time to prepare for work and to disassemble and dry all parts after cleaning. However, manufacturers are constantly working on relief work with the vacuum cleaner, for operation and washing of brushes and tubes. Lately they have had some success.

Work detergent cleaner

Standard vacuum cleaner looks like two small tank on wheels. There are three types of location of containers: near the devices constructed horizontally on each other in the vertical devices. In some small container with clean water is inside the tank with dirty water, it can be done in upright vacuum cleaners, and is horizontal.

At the beginning of harvest of the fresh water container is filled, and the dirty tank is empty. When you turn on the vacuum cleaner and its ready to work the clean water through the hose with the required nozzle is sprayed on the floor. Then wipe it and switch of the vacuum cleaner in the suction mode, through which the remaining water on the floor flows into the dirty water tank.

After a few methods of washing the floor clean the water is completely contaminated and is in the tank with dirty water that exceeds the volume of the tank with clean water three or four times. If at the time of emptying tank with clean water cleaning is not finished, it is necessary to fill again. For this you need to turn off the vacuum cleaner, open the lid, get an empty tank, fill it with water and return to the place. Then close the lid and turn on the vacuum cleaner.

After cleaning the dirty water to drain. In view of the large volume of this tank it can cause some difficulties and require physical effort. It should be noted that the time required to clean, disassemble and dry vacuum cleaner before and after cleaning, takes a lot more than vacuum cleaner for dry cleaning. Vacuum cleaners provides quality wet cleaning of the premises, but because of the large size is not always convenient to use, what to consider when buying.