Sometimes in a person's life difficult situation, which is very difficult to find a solution. To despair in any case is not necessary, you can always find the right way. Try to imagine that you advised the other that came to you with such a task? Most likely, you would be given a lot of advice, most of which would be really sensible. Nothing prevents you to imagine that you are the same friend. Give these tips myself to speculate who can help solve the urgent problem. Look at the problem from the other side. Maybe she has good points.
Forget the problems, do some other things. Perhaps your difficulties will themselves. Do not rush immediately to solve a question. Stand aside and watch developments. You will always have the opportunity to intervene. Procrastination is not always a "death sentence". Very often the delay in time allows us to consider the problem from a different angle and find the right solution.
The basic principle of Indian yogis - 've nothing to worry about. Everyone has karma, as they believe it has not changed. Try the same attitude to life's challenges. Calmly, without unnecessary emotions and try to solve the problem. If you fail, nothing terrible, so it should be. Of course, this does not apply to people who choose the profession of doctor, fireman, rescuer. There are a few other rules. We are talking about saving lives. But if the problem is that the printer is out of ink and you urgently need to print something, it is in any case not a cause for alarm.
To take things easier can and must learn in life. When you get nervous over nothing, save problems, puzzling over them, the solution will come by itself. You will learn to identify the really big issues. All the other stuff just won't pay attention. Then you and your family, necessarily become easier to live. Easy attitude to life, the proper allocation of pressing problems, the ability to solve complex issues without unnecessary emotions - this is what everyone should aspire.