The main task when creating a legal service is to create a properly constructed and efficient system of contractual work, development of standard forms of contracts in accordance with the characteristics of the enterprise, its partners, suppliers and consumers, business methods used in the enterprise. A prerequisite for creating, changing and amending the statutes and collective labor contract is also part of the legal service.
In addition, the Department should include development and production workflow systems, training of company personnel the basics of legal literacy within the performance of their official duties, job descriptions and timely updating of them.
Since all external relations with suppliers and consumers of the products of the enterprise are carried out through a system of treaties, it is necessary to concentrate them making it in the legal Department. This will allow to fully protect the interests and rights of all enterprises of the company.
Organizing the activities of the legal Department, you must first study and analyze the business processes and methods of the enterprise in the context of past controversial issues, problems, litigation, claim correspondence.
Beginning development of draft contracts and reporting documents, plan and allocate role responsibilities and methods of monitoring compliance. Determine the competence of the Director and his deputies, accounting, Department of personnel, Secretariat, commercial division and Executive staff of each structural unit.
Audit of the implemented system contract work and record keeping. Check the correctness of their functioning and interaction of all subsystems, identify existing problems and fix them.
This approach will strengthen the company's position in the market and increase its competitiveness, will increase its credibility, the respect of competitors, but most importantly – will protect her job and avoid time and costs of litigation.