Allow time to prepare bid greetings. Gather the team and explain the importance of this moment. Remember flight of the first man in space. All attention was riveted on the start. People excitedly thumping heart. These are the feelings you should evoke in the audience. So you need time to prepare a strong greeting.
Brainstorm. Need a fresh idea on how to introduce the team. If this would be appropriate in the context of the competition, consider staging. People are more receptive to images rather than words. Your sketch can take 2-3 minutes, but during this time you will win the love of the audience.Brainstorming will help you to find a bright way to transfer your emotions and aspirations. In the Soviet years, every team had a slogan, and slogans. Through them passed the spirit of the squad, his main goal. You have to find something similar. Write down all ideas, develop them. Don't stop until you find. Throw criticism out the window.
Write to the chosen script idea. It should be involved all team members. If some are shy, at least say the important words in unison, not one at a time. The script must be simple, because you have so much to do in preparation for the competition.
Rehearse your performance. Do not delay this matter on the last day. Rehearse repeatedly. Invite viewers to give advice from the sidelines. Such audience can be parents or friends in the yard.