One of the most common ways to transfer pictures via the Internet is to send the image by email. In order to do this, simply click "compose", then choose a special option "attach a file" and find the computer you need the photo to load. As a rule, most mailboxes offer quite an impressive place for the attached files. But if your mail in this plan is quite limited, the photo can be slightly edited in the graphics editor Photoshop, as a rule, it is sufficient to change the permission on the file to JPG or resize.
Also a fairly common way of sharing images is instant messaging (ICQ, mail agent, etc.). Before you send photos through this service, you should verify in the settings that the exchange of images allowed. Sometimes there are optimized versions of these programs, where such function is simplified. Therefore, for the normal sharing of images is better to install ICQ or QIP. The advantages of the program should also include that the size of the images without any restrictions.
However, to transfer the photo can be in the form of links. For this you need your image to upload to any photo sharing site (for example, http://radikal.ruand then after downloading, copy link from "direct link". This link can convey to anyone, by clicking on it, open your image.
Sometimes pictures capture through file sharing. This method usually is more common when a lot of photos (photo album). To transmit a photo album at once, not one photo, need to add it to the archive, with WinRar, and then upload the files and send link.