You will need
  • personal e-mail and a photo file
First of all, you need to register your own mailbox. Then, using the obtained data, log in to your mailbox.
After this you need to create a new email message, in which we will send a photo. In the photo, in the red rectangle of the selected button to be pressed. To begin, click Write a letter." After a few seconds you will see a new page.
In the window that appears you will see several fields. Next to each field is written hints about what to enter in these lines. First fill in the "to:" line. Here we write the address of the person you want to send a photo. For example:
In the next field "Subject" specify a subject line. This field is not mandatory, but it will help addressATA faster to understand who and what this letter. In this line, for example, specify: Pictures goddaughter for Vasya.
To add to our letter photo, click "Attach". After clicking, a window will appear. In this window you should select your photo, then click "Open".
After a few seconds, in case of successful attachment of the photo you'll see the same thing shown in the picture. This will mean that your photograph is already in the letter and can send.
In the field, under the attached photo, you can write the text of a letter, comments to pictures, requests, etc. It is not mandatory, but people are nicer to get letters in which something is written, moreover, "empty" letter can be mistaken for SPAM (advertising distribution) and remove. Therefore, in the text field, it is better to specify: in this letter, for whom and why.
After you have successfully done all of the items: filled address, outlined the topic, I attached the photo, wrote comments – you can send. A letter is sent by clicking "Send". In case of successful upload, you will see a window that says: "your email was successfully sent to addressat" If you are unsure of the addresse of the recipient, or just want to be safe – click "Save". In this case, the above letter will remain in the program. If you need to send it again, it will not need to write again.
Other e-mail services on the Internet operate on the same principle. They can be different arrangement of buttons, artwork and name some buttons.