To put a photo on the Internet and additionally registering anywhere and upload it to a photo sharing site. Here are the addresses of some of them:,, Even fotohosting that do not require mandatory registration, often provide an opportunity to bring itself voluntarily. It gives the user additional capabilities.
After downloading you will receive a set of multiple references. Some of them are direct (to the page with the image and on the image file). Sending one of them to someone by email or through instant messaging, you will allow the recipient to view the. Other links provide ready-made codes to embed full-sized or thumbnail images in the message forums.
To make the Internet a permanent photo album and to be able to add photos, delete them and organize groups sign up in one of the management services photo galleries, for example:, Method of registration for such services does not differ from that on the normal forums. Enter the required details including your real email address. Received at this address a confirmation link, click on it. Then log in to your photo gallery under the received login and password, and then start adding photos (how to add them depends on the selected photo).
To add a photo to your account in one or other social network log in username and password, go to the section for storing pictures, and then click intended for adding photos. Add the (way you add it depends on the social network) will provide its review, and then, if possible, indicate the categories which visitors can view it.
To add a photo to Wikipedia, you must register it, if you do not already have one. Anonymous users the ability to add images do not have. Log in with a username and password, then click "Upload file". Adding the, be sure to indicate the authorship, and the license under which you are allowed to use it. Without this the image will soon be removed. Also add brief information about what is depicted in the photograph.
After loading the snapshot will be assigned a new name. To insert an image to the page, put in the right place its code the following structure: [[File:Rename.jpg|NNNpx|Description of picture]], where NNN is the width of the thumbnail in pixels. After clicking on a thumbnail takes you to its page where it will have a slightly larger size. Again clicking on the image, you can view it in its original size.