Define on the records of acts of civil status, where you will apply – to the registry office at the place of registration (residence permit) of one of the spouses or where you registered the marriage.
Pick up the following documents: the passport of both spouses or other identity document, certificate of marriage, as well as the receipt of payment of the state fee, details of which you can learn in bodies the registry office.
Together with potentially "former" spouse apply to the body of registration of acts of civil status and apply for divorce. In a statement to confirm mutual consent to the divorce and lack of joint minor children. In addition, specify the following information: surname, name, patronymic, date and place of birth, citizenship, place of residence of each spouse; the details of the record of the certificate of marriage; names, which elects each of the spouses upon dissolution of the marriage; particulars of the identity documents of the spouses. Don't forget that this document is signed by both spouses and must indicate the date of compilation. The law allowed the filing of an application by one spouse if the other spouse has been declared missing, has been declared incompetent, convicted of a crime to imprisonment for a term exceeding three years.
You will have one month for reconciliation with the spouse. After the specified period, again contact the registry office for the state registration of divorce and issuance of relevant documents. Then feel free to join the bachelor life.