The most difficult thing when you open a second-hand the location of the store and the supplier. It depends on the place your success. It makes no sense to open second-hand in a respectable or business districts. Here is more appropriate the old sleeping. Not worth it (regardless of district) to place the shop in the yard, because of him, no one will know. But the location is near a cheap supermarket will be advantageous. Well, if there will be public transport. Important large passengers, and need to consist of people who may be interested in second hand.
Goods second-hand is very specific. It is quite clear that this product is of low quality, but the concept of "low quality" is very different from different vendors. The task of the entrepreneur while opening a second-hand store is to at minimum cost to purchase is still relatively normal item. It is believed that the quality product comes from England and European countries, but in any case it is important to be careful to check incoming party.
To open a second-hand will need to do the following:- to advertise a new second-hand store. The sooner you will learn about, the better. Best suited signs, markings on the pavement, advertising in social networks;
Find several suppliers (this is done usually through the Internet or through friends if someone of them is also engaged in such business);
Find and rent a room to store;
- To register a legal entity (LLC) or register as an individual entrepreneur;
- To purchase equipment, hire staff.