Advice 1: How to fill out a card with samples of signatures

To make calculations with money which are in Bank accounts, you must apply for a card with the stamp and signature of the individual entrepreneur or officers of a legal persons entitled to sign documents. Rules of registration of Bank cards strictly regulated by the relevant instructions of the Central Bank of Russia.
How to fill out a card with samples of signatures
You will need
  • Blank Bank card, pen, printing
To fill the banking card use, the writing machine with font in black colour (you may use the printer of a computer) or a pen with ink in black, blue or purple flowers. A facsimile signature to fill the card cannot be used.
In the "account holder" enter the full name of the legal entity (separate subdivision) in accordance with certificate of state registration. If the card is filled in an individual, enter your surname, name, patronymic, date of birth, requisites of the document proving the identity. If you are self-employed (notary, lawyer), specify the type of activity.
In the "Location (place of residence) specify the address of the permanent Executive body of the legal entity or its separate division, the address of actual place of residence of physical person (individual entrepreneur).
In the field "Telephone N" to specify in brackets the code of the village, and then the phone number of the organization or individual entrepreneur.
In the "Bank" enter the full name of the Bank or units of the settlement network of Bank of Russia, in which you open a Bank account.
In the field "Bank Stamp" make no records. Here after assigning Bank account numbers is stamped on the acceptance of the card by the person to whom such right is given. The field "other level" leave blank (this is filled out by the credit organisation).
On the back of Bank cards in the field "Short name of the account holder, specify recorded in the certificate of registration name of the legal entity, and in its absence – full name. Client-a natural person fills in his name, the name and surname, and indication of activity.
In the field "Position" indicate the position of persons endowed with the rights of first or second signature. If you fill out the card as an individual, leave this field blank.
In the field "a Surname, a name, a patronymic" specify the full surname, name, patronymic of the persons, endowed with rights of first or second signature.
In the field "signature" put down opposite their names the signature of a person having rights of first or second signature. In the field "date" enter the date of filling the Bank cards.
In the "customer Signature" to affix a handwritten signature to the head of a legal entity, and in the case of registration cards in person – an individual entrepreneur or a person engaged in private practice.
In the field "the Term of office of persons enjoying the right of temporary signing, specify the term of office of the persons, set by administrative act of the client.
In the "pattern stamp select the print sample (if available). The proof should be clear.
If desired, a notary ascertain the authenticity of handwritten signatures of persons, authorized by the first or second signature. A Bank card can be issued without notarization in the presence of an authorized officer of the Bank.

Advice 2: How to make a metro card

Card network hypermarkets METRO can be interesting because it allows to make a number of purchases at lower prices than other stores. In this case it can only get legal persons or individual entrepreneurs. The hypermarket is the center of wholesale trade and does not serve ordinary buyers. But this does not prevent the card to make personal purchases.
How to make a metro card
You will need
  • - copies of constituent documents of the enterprise or entrepreneur (full list for each type of client, is presented on the company's website), duly stamped or entrepreneur;
  • - power of attorney for all representatives, including the owner or Manager of the enterprise;
  • - passport of the owner or representative of an organization and its copy authenticated with the seal.
Visit about the customer (under the heading "Customers") on the company website, print the terms and conditions of purchase, assure them the seal of the organization or entrepreneur and explore a list of required documents, depending on their legal form.
Prepare copies of all necessary documents and sign them with the seal of the organization.
In the section with the list of required documents for your case, download the sample authorization letter. Fill it in. You can make up to 5 people. Don't forget to include yourself among them, if you do plan to shop in METRO.

The document by verifying the signature of the head of the organization or entrepreneur and seal.
With a full package of documents come into the nearest supermarket, fill in forms and apply for a card.

Everyone is issued a card must appear in person as on the spot you photographed, and this photo will be on the map each.

Cards are issued the day of treatment and allows to make purchases.
On its website the company warns that services in registration cards to individuals are not related to her and unlawful, because such maps in identifying the illegality of their issue subject to blocking.
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