So using plain, colored or have a pattern tissue paper, you can make the holiday table even more solemnity. And of sulfenic better to take a few extra, they will not.
If the napkin holder round shape and resembles a glass you can fold a napkin in the following manner: take a paper napkin, expand it into a large square, and then fold it diagonally. You have a triangle. Then gently with two hands, twist the napkin into a tube, starting at the wide end and going to the top of the folded triangle.
After twisting the tube all the wipes, fold it in half, and insert into the napkin holder. With subsequent wipes do the same thing, inserting them one after another in the napkin dispenser. By the way, this is called a "Candle" and do "candle" the best of a monochromatic large napkins.
Napkin holders if you have flat, implying a simple insertion of napkins, then you can diversify the process, using napkins of different colors. They can be stacked in a napkin dispenser, a series of colors.
Also you can form from the tissues of the lamina. In this case, it is better to use the same square cloths, but the small form. Take a napkin, fold it to make triangle. And then put it in such a way that sharp corners of the triangles formed some semblance of a fan.