Prepare the cage. The house rat should be equipped in advance. In the cage there should be a shelter, feeders and waterers. On the first point it is enough. Select in-store special cage for rats, so it was easy to restore order. Feed and water should be in a cage when you bring baby.
On the first day do not disturb the rat. Let him settle in. Impressions it is that will be enough, because he postponed the journey, changed conditions of life, feel new scents. To all this we must get used to. The cage should stand in the room where for the most part are you. Rats really don't like being alone, they always need company, so the rat needs to understand that this company you.
Give the rat a name. Call him by his name every time you come to the cage. The first few days try not to worry. Come to the cage when you need to feed or change the water. Talk to your baby gently and safely. Unable to sit next to the cage, but don't touch the rat with your hands - it's still early.
After a few days the baby gets used to you. He stops to hide in a shelter when you approach, and the hands that carry the food will begin to cause him genuine interest. Take a moment and start to train your kid. To start, try to pet him, affectionately calling by name. If the baby will take it quietly, stroke it regularly. If the rat got worried and rushed to the shelter will reschedule the training for another few days.
To teach a rat to climb on the hand, use a treat. Put it in a cage, and next to it. Baby will certainly come out in delicious. It can even be a little walk on the table, then you need to put food in the cage so the rat went home. The next time you open the cage, put a treat close to him and repeat the procedure. A few days can offer a rat a treat in his outstretched palm. If he would be comfortable enough and understand that you will not harm him, he will climb on your hand.
Often play with a small rodent. Try to observe a certain mode. For example, select the hours after work, when you play with your pet. You make sure that your rat is waiting impatiently for this moment, worrying if you are late.