You will need
  • - money or time
Free to increase your credibility, go to "Menu". Select "My info" or "My status" (it depends on the version of the program). You will see all information about your character, go to the word "Authority", a new window will open with additional information. Right at the top of the window will be a link to attract referrals.
Referrals are users who have registered with your feed and definitely on your link and started to spend money for purchase of actions in the Galaxy. Once referrals start to buy something in the service of the Galaxy, your rating will begin to rise. This link can be placed on your website, on the personal page in social networks: Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Facebook. Some create special sites on free hosting and hyping them with a view to how people would see this link and register in the chat for it.
You can involve your friends in chat directly from your phone. Click the # symbol in the menu select "Tell a friend", now enter your friend's phone you want to offer to chat with you in chat. Friend will receive a text message and if he will download the program to chat through your link and will communicate in the Galaxy, you will increase your credibility.
The second way is to buy credibility. The authority is denoted by the diamonds and stars of different colours. Start with the purchase of small stars, which will then be replaced with diamonds. First Deposit money to your account in chat. You can make money in a variety of ways: in payment terminals and mobile shops, via SMS, credit card or electronic money.
Once the money arrives in your account you can spend them on various items or activities in a chat room, Pets, gifts for friends and games, as well as to improve credibility. To do this, again go to "Menu" - "My info" "Authority" and buy as many credibility points as you need.