You will need
  • Mobile phone, computer, Internet connections, necessary software, as well as free time.
Take your desired mobile phone, or rather his digital combination, with which you'll continue to work, figuring out who it belongs to. On the Internet there are many available programs and services that have a preinstalled base. The difficulty is to find them, but here, with an experienced approach, you will not encounter special difficulties. Ask for help to the search portal, where the search field you should enter the combination of words. For example, the "phone book of Ukraine". Search should offer you the desired result.
How to find a person by mobile number in Ukraine
Make the above requirements then you can proceed to the next step, to find the accessory you are interested in the phone. We can note that most of these programs has a similar base, and their functionality reduced to a primitive search in the field labeled "cell phone" you should enter the known numbers. In return you will be the name with the initials, and in some cases, the home address of the owner of the SIM card.
How to find a person by mobile number in Ukraine
If the mobile operator to which the SIM card is not included in one from the downloaded database, in such case don't panic and expect a fiasco. Try to find another program with a different telephone base, where will probably be your number. As described above, its technical interface will be uniform and will not cause you much hassle in the initial study.