For sewing of fur coats of the desired pieces of mink. But where to take them? If you have them – great. But if not – no problem. Give ads in the newspaper about buying used mink hats and collars at a low price. You can be sure that many people will respond to your offer. Most people try to get rid of unnecessary fur products, at least for any money.
Bought mink hats and collars neatly strut and wash well. Of necessity, miss the fat skin from the inside. Put to dry. Dry fur is desirable in an extended form. So take a Board and primatice to her skin.
Next, select the desired style coat. For a short coat will take approximately 30-caps collars.
Make pattern. If you do not know how to do it, go in the Studio and use the individual development patterns.
Cutting the fur with respect to the direction of the pile. Pick up the pieces on density and length of fur. Don't forget the seam.
The next step will be painting. Color coat ursala or regular hair dye. It will need about 6 packages of paint.
Sew the lining, buttons and loops.Well, fashion coat, sewn by their hands. Perhaps sewing, you will spend a lot of time, but, I assure you, the result is worth it.