You will need
  • paint
  • brush
  • palette
  • easel,
  • canvas.
For painting, you must purchase the appropriate materials. Buy oil paint: whitewash in a big tube, and the rest in tubes of medium size. For beginners it is better to buy paint for the educational sketches. Gain experience, you go to art paints. Store paints in a wooden box.
Buy a full brush set – 3 brushes in each room. Drawing oil is used bristle brushes, made from cow's hair and synthetic.
The next thing you need is the palette. Soak it with oil and drain well, otherwise the palette will absorb oil from the paint.
Paint on the left edge at the top of the palette. Mid Express formulate. Each paint should always be in a certain place in the palette. White is usually placed at the right end.
You will also need thinners of oil paints: linseed oil, varnish Tammany, purified kerosene, turpentine turpentine.
Oil paint is usually written on primed canvas. The quality of the soil on the canvas depends on the safety of the picture. Better to buy a ready primed canvas.Beginners might want to tryto paint on primed cardboard. Primed cardboard independently. To do this, dissolve a package of store gelatin according to instructions, cool and several times cover the cardboard.
For pictures of small size in the first time you can use the stand for books, then use the easel. It is stable and durable.
Before you start drawing, decide how to portray the intended.
First on paper, follow the pattern, which will transfer to the canvas.
On the canvas, draw a thin line image. Complex plot work in sketches.
Do the underpainting – the first layer of painting. For podmalevka oil paint diluted with solvent. It is a thin layer that dries quickly. Then apply the next layer, adding details, refining the shape of the objects.
Each layer let to dry before apply the new.
In the final layers of oil paints added linseed oil. The paint layer of the painting is rich and sustainable.
The finished picture after drying oil paint and varnished.