The cost and time of construction of houses is largely dependent on the area, which is under construction. The colder the climate, the deeper you have to lay the Foundation, the hotter must be the walls. The choice of material for the walls largely depends on where you live.
If you live in the South, one of the simplest solutions is the construction of houses on the technology of brick plus Adobe. Despite the seeming primitiveness of the material, Adobe house are of very good quality. They are warm, eco-friendly, can reliably serve for decades. From Samana it is possible to build even two-storey mansions.
In the construction of modern Adobe homes on the flooded first Foundation post outdoor decorative wall brick. Wall thickness minimum, in a half-brick. Then near the brick wall inside spread a wall of Adobe. Between the brick and Adobe leave a small air gap. The disadvantage of this technology is that the finished Adobe wall must be allowed to settle, it takes about six months. Only after that the internal walls can be plastered.
Very quickly you can build a house of aerated concrete blocks. They are light, warm, well maintained, built of them the house is distinguished by excellent characteristics. The construction is like working with Legos, to lay out a house of aerated concrete blocks under force even to those who have never worked construction. This option can be considered one of the best in terms of price and quality.
It has gained widespread construction of frame panel houses. Lumber and plywood frame is assembled, the inner wall space is filled with insulation. As insulation used a variety of materials, from wool to straw and Adobe. The cost per square meter of panel-frame houses is one of the lowest.
A low enough price different flooded houses. During construction we used the adjustable formwork, as the main material is expanded clay or boiler slag. Sometimes the casing used a special hollow concrete blocks after their installation, the inner space is filled with mortar with expanded clay or slag.
Increasingly in the construction of homes use round logs. The cost of the house from such logs is quite large, but it is compensated for its high operational and environmental performance. Logs can be glued timber, in this case they are thicker and nicer, but their cost increases significantly.