Pick apparatus for ultrasonic scanning. To do this, define the basic profile and the purposes on which it will work. This is understandable, for cardiac patients, you will need one equipment, gynecology will require a different examination. But, as a rule, patients with different pathologies, so better be profiled on a full examination of the body and among the devices to prefer the ULTRASONIC installation expert class with 3-4 different sensors, different in their purpose.
Next, decide portable or stationary will be your scanner. If you are planning to provide diagnostic assistance at home, for example, non-transportable patients, you definitely need a portable system for ULTRASONIC diagnosis. And at the same time this apparatus is not suitable for more diverse and in-depth survey. If you can afford it is better not to save and stock up and progressive innovations in the field of diagnostics, such as color Doppler and transducer for 3D/4D scanning. These techniques are demanded by patients and expected of them in a private clinic.
Pick up a staff of doctors, knowledge of which will allow to fully realize the potential of the instrument, and to satisfy any patient. Check they have certifications for this type of activity.
Find a suitable area on the area. Preferably, if the first floor, and will be complied with necessary hygienic conditions such as humidity, temperature and lighting. Prepare the office to work, making repairs, paying special attention to the appropriate finish that can withstand multiple wet processing and disinfecting solutions. Don't forget that the mandatory add-ons are a toilet and sink, as well as carrying out well-known communications.
Complete list of necessary documents, after referring to the requirements of fire inspections, and SES. Contact the law firm and sign up as a legal entity. Representatives of the same company can help you open a Bank account, to register with the tax office. As soon as you prepare the list of documents, apply to the licensing Committee for obtaining a license for your activity.
How to open us office