Don't panic. Often people look bad on pictures, because as soon as they see that they want to photograph, they begin to swing your arms, make a grimace as if to say: "I don't need to remove", but they are still photographed, and the photographs are all of these faces. Or the man hesitates, hiding from the camera, looking to the side, trying to look serious. Just relax. Believe that you are beautiful and in the photos it will appear!
Makeup. If you can prepare for the photo shoot in advance, then be sure to apply makeup using some techniques to better my picture. Use a matte Foundation, because if the skin is a bit shiny, then it's almost imperceptible, but the picture shows the slightest glitter to turn into a shining cheeks or forehead. If possible, a few minutes before shooting advanced powder face. Use a few more bright eye make-up than usual.
Clothing. It is better to choose such clothes that will not distract attention from your face with its bright colors. Much better the photo looks plain clothes, but, especially if it is bright color, it is necessary that this color blends seamlessly with the makeup.
Posture for shooting. Don't slouch in front of the camera. Don't try to make unnatural "beautiful" poses. The best pictures are when people look natural and relaxed. But that does not mean you have to collapse in a chair or on the couch and show their flaws. Know about what are bad properties for your body better hide, dress, and sit or stand so that the flaws were invisible. For example, if you have a double chin, don't need to look at the camera askance, gathering it in folds. It would be better to raise his head, looking somewhat down. Foreshortening three quarters allows you to take good pictures for almost all types of figures and faces.
Smile. A real sincere smile will make your image is successful, even if everything else didn't turn out exactly as you would like. There are pictures of people literally glow, but the thing is how they smile! If you want a radiant smile lit up your face, think about the loved one, to look at him. Not a picture smile, the Hollywood smile for a hundred dollars" is not for everyone.