Take the child's measurements. Using a measuring tape and measure the circumference of the chest, distance from shoulder to the knees (height varies on request), from the shoulder to the armpit.
Take the paper patterns. Draw a vertical line (segment AB), it is equal to the desired length sundress.
Draw a line perpendicular to BV. This is the width of the sundressand equal to the poluobhvat chest with the addition of 3-5 cm to the landing. If you want to make a sundress free, increase its width and at the top make a drawstring for the band which will gather the fabric draped.
From point A, measure a distance equal to the height of the armhole from shoulder to armpit. Perpendicular from point And set the width of the openings. This value changes depending on the age and, therefore, the size of the child.
Built cut out detail safety pins and pin it to the fabric (the lobe filament should be vertical). Cut two identical parts sundressand rear and the front.
Tuck twice and manually baste the edges of the openings, the upper and lower part of the product, then prostrochite on a typewriter. Then baste and stitch the parts together. To the top of pristrochite matching colored ribbon or webbing cut from the same fabric as the pinafore.