You will need
    • tea
    • ice
    • strawberry
    • peaches
    • ginger
In the heat of summer you can enjoy a refreshing iced tea. And given that summer season fruits, prepare variations of iced tea you countless.
Tea with peaches. Brew your favorite tea (black, green, white, red or even a mixture of teas) and let it cool down. Large peaches pour over boiling water and remove the thin skin. Cut into thin slices. Pour tea into a carafe, decently. Now take a tall glass, half fill it with cold tea. Dip two slices of peach in a glass, remember them with a spoon. To the top fill the glass with ice. Decorate with colored straw and a slice of peach, and serve.
Refreshing ginger ice tea. A teaspoon of grated ginger add to the tea leaves when you brew tea. In this case, the tea is better to choose green, it combines perfectly with ginger. When tea infusion, cool it in the fridge. Pour into a pitcher, adding ice. Ready, pour into glasses.

The mint tea. Mint leaves crush them with a tablespoon of sugar to give juice. Add to welding. Further – similar to the ginger tea to cool, pour into a decanter, add a large amount of ice. Garnish with mint leaf.
White tea with Jasmine and strawberry. Boil a mixture of white tea and green tea with Jasmine. While the tea is brewed, sprinkle strawberries with sugar to give the juice, and then crush them them. The carafe pour out the tea, cool. Add strawberry juice, ice. Decorate the glass can be dipped in sugar strawberry berry.