Housing can be provided with only those military retirees. Who left the service or for achieving maximum service life or have been sent to the reserve for health reasons or in connection with the regular events, but their lifespan should be at least 10 years. These categories of the military can obtain the housing property, the social contract of tenancy, or to obtain monetary compensation. It is possible, if you or your relatives are in the ownership of an apartment, purchased at his own expense.
To obtain a certificate for an apartment you should contact the housing Management division of the Department of housing policy and Housing Fund and provide the following documents:
- passport;
- military ID;
- the pension certificate;
- a statement on the provision of housing;
- identity documents of all members of your family who must be provided with a housing;
- the documents confirming the kinship between members of your family (marriage certificate, birth certificates of children);
- documents confirming the absence of you or your family an apartment, bought with his own money.
In each region local authorities have the right to determine the size of the housing, which must be submitted to the property of the military retiree. The norms established by the legislation of the Russian Federation, suggesting to 18 square meters per retiree; and 18 square meters plus 15-25 square meters for pensioners, with benefits to additional space. Issued housing may exceed the norm, but not more than 18 square meters for single military retirees and 9 square meters for families.
After reviewing your application you are put into a queue and then will be issued a certificate for housing, to be used for a limited period of time – 3 months.