To start with the Church where you want to go through the wedding ceremony. It is better to choose small and quiet, better somewhere in the green zone to be able to walk and breathe fresh air.
Next you need to choose the date and time of the wedding. Remember that there are days on which the wedding is impossible. These days are all Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and also the period of the Holy feasts and fasts.
Before the wedding the young need to fast for weeks, and the day before the wedding to confess and to defend the service.
Clothing women at the wedding should not be bright and open. Makeup should not be vulgar. Hair should be covered with a hat or a veil, but the face must be open.
At the wedding guests, it is advisable not to talk, to behave with dignity and appropriately to the situation. Women also cover their hair with kerchiefs, not to be vulgar outfits.
After the wedding you can walk through the woods, to go camping. Better to spend your birthday in a circle of people close to you.
It is now fashionable to come up with a variety of entertainment, but this day is better to do without them. After all, a wedding is serious step and the entertainment programme here is not required.