You will need
  • Website with a constant or growing number of unique visits unique content for the site content.
Let's say you have a website you would like to earn an income. It should be noted that this is only possible if it has a constant number of visitors. So after you create a site think about how you will attract new visitors. Remember that number of visitors will depend on your income level.
Ways to make the attendance somewhat. So is repelled from the content and subject of your website. The most universal method - earnings on advertising. You place the advertiser's banner on your website and earn money. But not so simple. Your website must fit the parameters set by the advertiser. The main criterion - the number of visits to your website per day. The higher it is, the more chances to get a contract for advertising services. Prices for banners vary depending on their size and location on the website.
Another option is not suitable for every site. If on your website you offer content to download, then you can place your files on the file storage. For each unique download you will be charged a certain amount. If the file is too large, it can be downloaded at high speed by purchasing premium account. If this account was bought through your link, you get a percentage. It is easy to understand that the more visitors, the more unique downloads and the higher your income.
If you fill your website with articles, you might be asked to do hidden advertising. That is, you write an article that talk about a particular product. But not from the seller's point of view and from the point of view of the ordinary consumer. Here you need to be very careful. If your website visitors feel that it is an advertisement, the number of visits may fall, and you will lose profit. Also pay attention to the goods and services that you offer advertising. You should not agree to place advertisements for the obscure product or product with obviously poor quality. This will adversely affect the reputation of your website and you lose your income.