Earn on your website in various ways. To begin, decide what subjects will be your website, fill it with quality content. This will help the experts, but if you want a profession developer site you can learn yourself. Information on this topic abound.
Affiliate iframe codes. At the initial stage of return for expenditure on the purchase links you can sell your traffic through a so-called iframe of the program. You place code affiliate program are recorded in several avtoserfing and see how will be cents. However, not everything is simple, many of the autosurf sites are forbidden to host sites with affiliate iframe codes. You will spend some time to find a suitable alternative. From such earnings there are a few flaws. These services significantly increase the load time of your site and spread all sorts of viruses.
Earnings on advertising. A more lucrative form of income. But it is much more difficult. The main objective is that users clicked on advertising, and it needs a constant audience of the website, which is interested in its content. Use initially affiliate programs that do not have strict constraints to attendance of the site.
Selling links. Earn on your website by selling links. But keep in mind that search engines have a negative attitude to such sitem and you can apply a filter. Although respecting some of the rules, the risk of getting the ban reduced. Do not add links to all new sites, give them time "settles". On each page a better place no more than three links and in different places. You can sell a smaller number of links, but for a lot of money, or, for example, on sites with similar themes.
To make your site work well enough and make a profit follow the state content and continually update information. Remember the rule that the site stuffed with ads, do not make a profit, people go to you for information, not advertising. The abundance on the pages of advertising will lead to an outflow of visitors of the website.