You will need
  • to determine the size of the budget,
  • - fiberglass,
  • - epoxy resin.
You first need to determine the purpose for which reflect the tuning. In those cases when the task is set to give the car maximum individuality, without his participation in races around the city, we first developed an exclusive design of the future body kit, and only then proceed to its materialization.
Basically the changes are the front and rear bumpers and sills of the car. In some cases, on the trunk lid spoiler is installed, but it's more like a farce. The rear spoiler is relevant to those drivers whizzing around the track at speeds of over 140 km/h.
The objective of the kit to push the car to the track, reducing ground clearance while increasing the speed, increasing aerodynamic performance of the body machine. Therefore, the front and rear bumpers along with the side accessories the fully loaded sling is made so that their bottom edge located no higher than five inches from the asphalt.
Aerodynamic accessories for car made by several techniques. Least expensive cash option affordable home is with the use of fiberglass and epoxy resin.
Then foam is produced layout details in natural size, which paste several layers of fiberglass impregnated with epoxy composition. Their number depends on the planned thickness of the aerodynamic element. After the workpiece is fully cured, the edges are treated with a sharp knife, the surface is puttied, primed, painted and ready to install on a machine.