You will need
  • four threads of two different colors,
  • - pin
  • - beads, sequins, charms.
Select two threads, bright and dark, or contrasting thread colors. Blue goes well with orange, red with green, purple and yellow. An interesting effect is the use of two different types of threads, assuming that they are the same thickness. Yarn and floss are combined with a broad leather or rubber cord, folded double or triple satin ribbons or beads. Don't be afraid to experiment! You will do even laces for shoes or saturated colors made of fluorescent material that will glow in the dark. If you are using laces with a pattern, then it pick a solid yarn.
Take two bright thread (same color) and two dark (different color). Secure them together with pins or tying the end knot.
Put one dark (one color) thread in the front, and the second dark back. One light (other color) yarn with the left hand, the second light from the right.
Swap the dark filament counterclockwise.
Swap the bright thread in a counterclockwise direction, while perevela them between the dark. Thus, the first dark thread that you originally put in the front is under a twisted light, and the second is dark over them.
Swap dark thread so that light still remained on the left and right of them. Then swap the bright thread and move so on. Try not to pull thread too tightly, otherwise the cord will come out too thin and uneven. Thus a certain tension be maintained must, to avoid the gaps between the loops. Then the work will look sloppy.
The finished cord should be smooth, dense and round. In the formation of creases mash the lace between fingers or roll between your hands. Now you only have to decorate the cord pendants, chunky beads or sequins.