To equip a small bedroom, you should carefully consider the functionality of bedrooms: is there in her work area or will be better to take her into the other room, whether to include in the design of the bedroom with some decor items that are large in size or you can do smaller, but no less significant elements.
Pay special attention to the choice of Wallpaper for a small bedroom: they must be warm, bright pastel colors to visually expand the space of the room.
The ceiling of whitewash or paint in white or another light color.
For visual expansion of space, use mirror panels on both or one side of the windowed wall. This will allow you to make the bedroom space more light.
Choosing the light sources, stop the choice on the Central chandelier and several spotlights along the perimeter of the ceiling. If you refused to use mirror panels, you can use a mirrored frieze - it will visually increase the area of the ceiling, and the room will appear larger.
Measure the free space of the bedroom, watertite pre-plan the location of future furniture in the room that will allow you to approach buying furniture more efficiently.
When choosing furniture refuse bedside tables. It is better to select the bed, the headboard which is designed special shelves. As a wardrobe purchase wardrobe which will most efficiently accommodate all your Essentials.
Try to observe the bedroom in order: unnecessary things will create the effect of clutter space.