You will need
  • - curtains;
  • - comfortable furniture;
  • a large mirror;
  • - hanging shelves;
  • accessories;
  • - bright Wallpaper or paint;
  • light - fixtures.
Start with determining the color scheme of the room. Light colors visually expand the space. Dark colors, on the contrary, it is better to avoid in a small room. Choose a light Wallpaper or paint for the walls. Will look good beige or light pink. The ceiling is better to paint a couple of shades lighter than the walls. So you are even more visually increase the size of the room. Avoid a wide variety of colors in a small room. If you don't have the color choose for the interior of your room, one or two bright or darker shades. For example, in the beige room is very good will look maroon and brown.
Correctly pick up the furniture. If you search well, you can find a large number of versatile items of furniture that would be a real boon for a small space. For example, a bed that rises and retracts into the Cabinet. Using this bed, you will save a lot of space. Instead of a standard Desk rollaway use, which is attached to the wall and in one simple motion takes the vertical position and does not take up unnecessary space.
Get hanging shelves. Thus, you will need to place the corners of the tables. All the right things, it will be possible to remove the shelves. To the choice of furniture come very carefully, try to choose the most necessary minimum, so as not to overload the space.
Hang a large mirror. In addition, it is very convenient, the room will seem much bigger. Also this will help you are several sources of light in the form of small lamps. Do not forget to choose curtains is a very important element of the interior. For a small room best suited curtains in vertical stripes – this pattern will increase the height of the ceilings.
Add a few bright parts in the form of accessories – cushions, candles, a few paintings on the wall. Try not to overload the space with many details. In the end, minimalism is always in fashion. Equip your living space as you like, and remember – do not place makes the man, but quite the contrary.