You will need
  • tool for cleaning carpeted surfaces;
  • - bowl of water;
  • - a sponge;
  • - brush for cleaning of carpets;
  • vacuum cleaner.
Wet place dirt with warm water using a foam sponge.
To clean the soft furniture in home conditions, dilute one capful of detergent in five litres of water and thoroughly lather.
Apply a little foam on the contaminated areas of the surface of upholstered furniture. RUB with force with a brush for cleaning carpets. Repeat procedure on other areas of contaminated upholstery.
Remove the remnants of the foam sponge.
In order to prevent stains after drying, the surface of the upholstery evenly apply the remaining after foaming of the foam mass on the entire surface of the upholstered furniture. Carefully RUB the upholstery without stress foam sponge or brush for cleaning carpets.
Remove residual foam from the surface of the upholstery foam with a sponge or brush.
Dampen a clean water sponge and wipe the surface of the upholstery.
Take a vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the treated surface to reduce the amount of moisture on the cleaned surfaces. If the room is warm enough and dry vacuuming possible to cancel. Otherwise there is a risk of rotting textile parts of upholstered furniture that will lead to its deterioration.