You will need
  • - neutral soap;
  • - a solution of alcohol 10%;
  • - cotton napkins;
  • vacuum cleaner;
  • - sponge;
  • - soft cloth;
  • pieces of ice;
  • brush.
Select how acidicity sofa can be performed in different ways: by using cleaner, foam soap, alcohol solution. Select a purification method depending on the degree of contamination. For regular maintenance of the sofa will be sufficient to use a vacuum cleaner with a soft nozzle or soft matter. If the detected contamination of the upholstery, remove it with cleaning means on water basis.
Clean the oil petropedetidae solution of warm water (35-40 0) and make a strong lather from a neutral soap. With a damp sponge first, soak the stain with a small amount of moisture foam, and then carefully scour. In order not to increase the area of contamination, send traffic from the edge to the center of the spot. Blot the remaining water with a tissue paper or clean soft rags. Do not use for drying sofa electric dryer – place of treatment will be different from the rest of the upholstery. When the upholstery is completely dry, restore the NAP with a soft brush.
Clear trace of lipstick paradiese you found on the couch trace of lipstick or ball-point pen, take advantage of a 10% alcohol solution. Dampen a cotton cloth with it and gently, without increasing the area of the stain, RUB the stained place.
Clear trail from morganisabella ice cream, gently blotting with a paper towel fresh spot. Remove with a lint sticky residue using a slightly damp soapy sponge. If you find a dried milk spot, put at this place a damp cloth or towel and wait until tender. Not to smear the remnants of my dessert around the sofa, remove their blunt side of a knife, a nail file or a tissue. The subsequent operations are the same as in the processing of fresh stains.
Remove chewing reincarnate is that the flock – fleecy fabric, to which the gum adheres firmly. Do not despair if you discover a sticky cake on the upholstery. Cool stained place. To do this, put on a clean thin towel and the ice or frozen food. Change melt the package and get the elastic frozen - in this state it falls apart and moves away from the sofa in the form of crumbs. Carefully collect them so that they are not glued to the couch in a different place.