Turn on the modem to the network, make sure that he had the power light is on. Then connect the modem to the computer in connector of the network card. After that, the panel of the modem should turn on the Ethernet led. The modem is ready to configure.
Launch any Internet browser. The browser version doesn't matter, can be used as the latest version of the program, and the very first version.
Refer to the documentation supplied with the modem. It must specify the address at which the computer can communicate with the modem. In addition to ' in the instructions should be specified a username and password to access the interface settings of the modem.
Type in the address bar of the browser to the desired address. Usually the address of the modem has the form 192.168.x.. The numbers x and y change depending on the varieties of modem. After this should open a dialog box in which you must enter the username and password to access the modem.