Advice 1: How to go to the modem settings

Most modern modems do not connect to a computer via standard USB cables, so managing these devices has its own characteristics. Standard modem connects to the computer via Ethernet cable. That is why configuration modem included not quite standard way.
How to go to the modem settings
Turn on the modem to the network, make sure that he had the power light is on. Then connect the modem to the computer in connector of the network card. After that, the panel of the modem should turn on the Ethernet led. The modem is ready to configure.
Launch any Internet browser. The browser version doesn't matter, can be used as the latest version of the program, and the very first version.
Refer to the documentation supplied with the modem. It must specify the address at which the computer can communicate with the modem. In addition to ' in the instructions should be specified a username and password to access the interface settings of the modem.
Type in the address bar of the browser to the desired address. Usually the address of the modem has the form 192.168.x.. The numbers x and y change depending on the varieties of modem. After this should open a dialog box in which you must enter the username and password to access the modem.
The basic settings of most modems can be registered using a program that runs from the installation disk supplied with the modem.

Modem settings, accessed this way, very wide. In these settings you can set connection type, set speed limit modem to increase the speed of opening certain ports, to limit the number of clients connecting simultaneously (for modems with wireless router).
The modem settings you can change the username and password to access it.

Advice 2 : How to log in to the Huawei modem

To fine tune ADSL modems use their configuration menu. Almost any model of the modem can be configured via this menu, because access is via a single command. To call menu does not necessarily have a connection to the Internet.
How to log in to the Huawei modem
You will need
  • The configuration menu of the modem.
In modems of Huawei company, as well as in others, the menu is possible via the Internet browser of any version. To do this in the address bar, enter the value and press Enter. In the opened window you will see two blank fields "username" and "password" to enter admin and click OK (observe the register, beginning with a lowercase letter). Before entering in the configuration menu it is advisable to disconnect the phone cable from the modem, the Ethernet cable does not touch (connects the modem with the network adapter).
You will see an information window from which you can learn the basic characteristics of marshrutizatora or router (so often referred to as modems). To access the settings simply Basic section in the left part of the window. Under the title there will be some points that you'll need the item WAN Setting.
In the right part of the window you should otredaktirovat some values for the connection of type "bridge": click Active = yes Mode = Bridge, Multiplex = LLC. To arrange connection of a modem as a router, you need to set the following settings: Active = yes Mode = Routing, Encapsulation = PPPoE Service Name = (name of provider company or used online services).
All changes are saved by clicking Submit. After each change it is also desirable to perezagruzite modem — it can be done with the button on the modem, although you can reboot and software. To do this, go to Tools and select Reboot, after about 1,5-2 minutes you will see again, with whom he worked.
After completing the configuration menu of the modem, do not forget to attach the phone cable to the modem and the computer to reboot, because the changes have been made in the network settings.
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