To work on and then hangs the computer very uncomfortable, if not impossible. To start, open: "start — Run", type msconfig, and click OK. A window will open, select the tab "startup" and remove "birdies" with unneeded programs. Many programs when installed register themselves in startup, which increases the loading time of the computer and reduces its performance. If the name of a process you do not know, just type it into Google or another search engine you use and you will get all the necessary information.
Open the "start — All programs — accessories — system tools — disk Defragmenter". Select the drive with the operating system and click the "Analyze" button. If it turns out that the drive needs defragmentation, click "Defragment". After defragmentation, the computer will run faster.
The greatest number of errors in the computer accumulate in the registry, so it needs regular cleaning. You can use Ccleaner program for cleaning system from debris, or any of the utilities, allowing to work with the system registry. The program Ccleaner will allow you to clean the registry of unnecessary files that occurred when installing or removing programs that fix the existing errors. In addition, with the help of this program you can edit the startup list.
In many cases, the cause of incorrect operation of the computer is infected by virus or Trojans. Update your anti-virus program and run a full scan of your computer.
If the computer refuses to boot, try pressing F8 at startup and choose last known good configuration. If the computer still fails to boot, select boot in safe mode. After downloading, you can try to restore the normal operation of the computer, remembering what you did before it stopped booting. For example, installed some software or driver – in this case, cancel the installation and try to reboot into normal mode.
In that case, if you cannot boot even in safe mode, use the Live CD. This CD-ROM with a stripped-down, but fully working operating system. You can download it directly from disk, which will give you access to your folders and files. Retaining all the important data, you can reinstall the operating system through normal operation of the computer.