Successfully coped with any responsible task, we expect a positive assessment from our management. So you need to reward your staff for his work. The promotion of the use after the completion of the intended work.
The easiest way to get subordinates to work is material reward. But it is possible that your slave will receive this fee immediately, but after some period of time, on the date of payment of wages. In such a situation it is necessary to encourage praise.
When choosing this type of approval, consider the personal characteristics of your sub. Someone loves, when his praise alone, someone nice to hear praise from the leadership, surrounded by his colleagues.
An individual approach will make work of subordinates more efficiently. A picture of the best employee input can serve as a good incentive for him and for others.
Involve subordinates in the activities of the company. Convey to them information that they will need in carrying out the work. This involvement of employees in the company's business will strengthen their loyalty and make employees to work the way you need it.
Many employees appreciate the ability to perform the work as you see fit. Provide subordinates such additional powers and autonomy. Such trust on your part will serve as an encouragement for them. This privilege is provided based on past achievements in the work.
Put in front of his subordinates clear goals and objectives. Employees must know the timing of the preparation of the material or report. Make sure your requirements are clear to subordinates.
For the most disciplined workers enter a more flexible work schedule. An extra day off, payment for overtime work will stimulate subordinates to better performance of their duties.
Satisfy the needs of your employees in training and education. For this discuss with an employee the options of his career. Encourage his desire to acquire new skills.
Take time for human interaction with subordinates, and their work will meet your requirements.