You will need
  • For the effective treatment of lymph nodes, prepare the following ingredients:
  • - licorice root;
  • - elecampane root;
  • - dandelion root;
  • - burdock root;
  • - may the leaves of burdock;
  • - faction ASD-2
For the preparation of anti-inflammatory collection take 1 teaspoon of liquorice, elecampane, dandelion, 1 tablespoon of burdock root. All components grind to a powder, and then add 350 grams of boiling water. Put for 20 minutes in a water bath, then insist 2 hours and strain. Drink a third Cup three times a day. Take until full recovery.
Folk healers recommend inflammation of the lymph nodes due to malignant diseases, take a fraction of ASD-2, which is sold in veterinary hospitals.

It take 1 ml twice a day – morning and evening. It is recommended to take the course: five days of drinking, three days rest. So three five days, then one month break. Are at least three such courses, but it depends on the condition of the body, someone less, someone more long-term use of the faction.
For the treatment of lymph node high performance showed the juice of burdock. Scroll burdock root (better may) in a meat grinder and squeeze juice. 500 ml of juice add 150 grams of honey, 150 ml of vodka, mix thoroughly and drink 1-2 tablespoons 3-4 times a day half an hour before meals. Composition store in the refrigerator.