There are several types of steak obtained in the course of butchering:

  • juicy, fatty rib eye;

  • exquisitely delicate with a thickness of 6-8 cm Filet Mignon;

  • tolstolistyj Striploin;

  • hearty Porterhouse;

  • economical T-bone.

Furthermore, steak may have a different level of readiness:

  • Rare seared only on the outside, inside it there is blood, because its flesh is red;

  • Medium rare rare, flesh and blood, but has a red-pink hue;

  • Medium medium doneness, order it in restaurants more often;

  • Medium well almost well done, the flesh has a light pink color;

  • Well done is well-done steak.

True gourmets prefer to eat the first three types of product. They think that well done steak tough and not juicy.

How to broil steak in the pan?

To properly and deliciously cook a steak, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  1. As the inhabitants of cities do not always have the opportunity to purchase fresh meat, that's available to use frozen. His "lead in the required form" on the day in the General division of the fridge or a couple hours in a vacuum pack in a pot of cold water.

    But to use a microwave or in a container with warm water not recommended. Otherwise the upper layers of the meat warms up, and the core of the piece remains cold. Consequently, to ensure uniform roasting of the product.

  2. Steak never discourage. Otherwise, the structure of meat fibers will be broken, and the piece will lose juiciness, tenderness natural.

  3. There is no one recipe for how to cook a steak. Each process of salting meat is to be interpreted in its own way. Some cooks suggest salting the meat in advance, at a time when it is marinated. Other experts claim that adding the appropriate salt after frying. Then the meat does not become dry. Classic recipes allow obvalivanie meat pieces in salt, pepper and a mixture of French herbs - Basil, thyme, rosemary, paprika, parsley immediately before frying, if it is not on the coals, and the frying pan.

  4. Prepared steak grease on both sides of any vegetable oil. Because of this, the meat will not burn and the heat inside it will be distributed more evenly.

  5. The pan is well heated on the fire, smeared with butter. And only after that you put it on the steak. The average duration of roasting where meat is juicy, about 10 minutes. During this time, the piece has to be flipped several times.

  6. After the meat was prepared, he gets to lie down for a few moments. Due to this, the juices that are in the process of cooking was accumulated at the outer layer, down and evenly distributed throughout the thickness of the piece.

How to cook a steak on charcoal?

Cooking steak on coals has its own peculiarity. A piece of meat quickly fried first with one then with the other hand. The result is a durable crust, which will not allow meat juices to flow out. After that, you can not rush in the time of the next flip steak, and cook as usual.

Steak served with wines made from grapes Pinotage, Syrah and Merlot, Shiraz. They go perfectly with the meat, enhancing its flavor. Fit here and a little sour wine Cabernet Sauvignon.